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PLEASE READ before buying.

Full Batches:
Please make sure you add the correct one. E.G If you order 3 batches and want them all sent first class, add one 1 full batch first class and one 2 full batch first class.

TWO Full Batches are automatically sent Tracked 2nd Class but by purchasing this listing I will send them first class instead.

As of 1/4/20 I've added a Tracked 2nd Class for one Full Batch, I usually send them 2nd Class as standard but have added this option so they can be tracked in light of COVID19 and Royal Mail experiencing Delays, ordering at this time is at your own risk.


  • First Class for Treat Boxes/Brownie Bars
    9 in stock
  • 2nd Class Tracked for one Full Batch
    9 in stock
  • First Class for 1 Full Batch
    2 in stock
  • First Class for 2 Full Batches
    8 in stock