What is a Treat Box?

A Treat Box is an individual treat such as a Brownie, Blondie, or something else. Options change weekly, I offer these on a pre order basis, so there's less risk of wastage and so you don't have to order a full batch.

What is a Brownie/Blondie Bar?

A Brownie/Blondie Bar is a thin Brownie/Blondie base with toppings.

Can you deliver locally? 

If you live in Eynsham, Oxfordshire then yes. Use the code ILIVELOCAL to purchase through my store without paying for postage and I will contact you to arrange delivery. Please make sure your email is correct. 

Do you send an invoice with orders?

Nope, I don't think its necessary!

Can I order and have them sent direct to a friend?

Yes! Just check out as if you were your friend. 

Can I pay without having to use Paypal?

You can if you're on a desktop/laptop you should see the option to pay by card through Paypal, you don't have to have a Paypal account for this. If you don't have access to a Desktop/Laptop, email me and you can pay by Bank Transfer if you're happy to do so. 

I do prefer Paypal as it offers security to the buyer and I want my customers to have peace of mind when ordering.

Do you take Special Requests?

I do! Just make sure you request and pay for them before a Thursday and I'll make them the following Monday and send them on the Tuesday. 

Do your full batches have to be cut into 9?

Nope, just let me know how many pieces you'd like them cut into when you check out. I don't have to cut them at all if you prefer!

Do you do GF Brownies/Blondies?

These will be coming soon and I'll be adding them as an option under the Brownies/Blondies that can be made GF.

Are your Brownies/Blondies suitable for people with Nut Allergies?

Obviously any of the ones containing actual Nuts won't be suitable. But for the rest it honestly depends on how severe your allergy is. 

The Chocolate I use has a warning on it saying its not suitable for people with a Nut allergy as its made in the same factory where Nuts are handled. (This is why on every listing it will say they're not suitable for anyone with a Nut/Milk allergy)

I would advise against eating anything I've made if you are severely allergic and don't actually have to eat a Nut to have a reaction.

If you have any questions, want a friendly chat or would like to off load to a stranger/someone who won't judge you, my inbox is always open x