Order by 11am for Next Day Dispatch. Orders placed Wed 2pm - Mon 11am will be sent on the Tuesday.

Loyalty Cards

How it works:
When you order for the first time you’ll receive a Loyalty Card. One side will be for Full Batches and the other will be for Treat Boxes.

Each time you order I will send you Stickers to add to your card. Stickers with TB on them are for the Treat Box side and Stickers with FB on them are for the Full Batch side.

What happens when your card is full:

Just send me a photo of your Card via Facebook, Instagram or Email and I’ll issue you a discount code.

Instead of me sending you a new one, simply reuse the Card by sticking any new Stickers over the previous ones in the same order. (The ink on the Stickers will be a different colour for each “round“)

What happens if you lose your Loyalty Card:

Leave a message in the notes box and I’ll send you a new one but unfortunately you’ll lose any stickers collected - just like you would if you lost a traditional loyalty card.

What you’ll get:

After you’ve accumulated 9 stickers on the Treat Box side you’ll get a free Treat Box.

And when you’ve accumulated 9 stickers on the Full Batch side you’ll receive 25% off a £15 spend.


If you place an order using a discount code you will not get any stickers for it